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2019 Spring Letter

Spring is almost here and we’re ready to roll! As soon as the weather allows, we’ll be scheduling early spring services. We anticipate the 2019 season will be busy as usual, so I ask that you please fill out and send back your contract/season request form as soon as possible. We are offering a once READ MORE
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Hairy bittercress: A weed to watch out for

Hairy bittercress is an annual weed that can spread quickly. It often enters landscapes as a contaminant in container plants. April 21, 2016 – Author: Diane Brown, Michigan State University Extension Hairy bittercress (Cardamine hirsuta) is an annual weed in the mustard family. It often makes its way into landscapes as a “gift with purchase.” READ MORE
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Lawn Fertilization: One of the biggest concerns with fertilizing are the control products used. Very strict laws control what products can be sold in the state of Ct. Each chemical first has to go through years of testing before it can be sold. Many products that are sold can only be sold to licensed companies with READ MORE
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Watering newly seeded areas

GRASS SEED NEEDS TO BE WARM AND MOIST TO GERMINATE Water is the most important part of seed germination that the homeowner can control. Watering should be done every day, early in the morning, and if at all possible, early in the afternoon to keep the seeds damp. The more faithful, the better the outcome READ MORE
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