2019 Spring Letter

Spring is almost here and we’re ready to roll! As soon as the weather allows, we’ll be scheduling early spring services.

We anticipate the 2019 season will be busy as usual, so I ask that you please fill out and send back your contract/season request form as soon as possible.

We are offering a once a month “walk-thru” which includes picking up trash, weeding beds etc. There is an option to stay within a pre-determined amount of time/money, please let us know if this is something you’re interested in. If we have mulched beds in the past, we can do chemical weed control in beds, driveway or along curbs etc. (Chemical weed control can only be offered to fertilizer contract customers) as well as properties regularly mulched by Jimmy’s. Please contact us if interested.

Unfortunately, we may be reinstating the fuel surcharge. We will notify if the prices of gas/fuel continue to rise.

As always, our billing is done once a month. We mail you a bill with an addressed return envelope or we can email you a bill for your convenience. There is an option on the contract to request email billing.
Cash or check customers receive a discounted price, as long as bill is paid within the billing cycle.

I always welcome any suggestions or comments you may have.

Thank you for your patronage and continued loyalty.